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FREE tablet credit card processing program from Credit Cards NJThere is an technological term known as “disruptive innovation” which means that a company is releasing a product that is simple to use, easily accessible, convenient and affordable.  CCNJ is pleased to present such an offering in our new PayAnywhere Storefront POS system.

What would an automated POS-based selling system do for your business? Would you be able to track inventory? Would you be able to have your menu available for your counter staff to quickly process orders? Would you be able to quickly and easily run reports to see how your business is doing? The answer to all of the above are YES! With our new PayAnywhere Storefront POS system, not only can you run your business more efficiently, but you’ll get paid the next business day and process American Express charges at the same rate as you would pay for your Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card and PayPal debit card transactions. And we’ll give you automatic updates, an amazing self-service portal, FREE state-of-the-art and high-end technology that was specifically created for this program all at little to no additional costs.

Find out how to run your business more efficiently with the PayAnywhere Storefront POS system:

What you get in the box:

  • Your choice of a white or black 10″ tablet specially designed for the PayAnywhere POS system
  • Stand with built-in card reader
  • Mobile credit card reader
  • Mounting kit
  • Power cable
  • User setup guide

Optional Items:

  • Tablet with optional printer for additional $14.95 monthly fee
  • Tablet with optional printer and cash drawer for additional $19.95 monthly fee

PA-reportingPayAnywhere Inside:

  • View of real-time transactions including deposits
  • Ability to update profile info — banking, address, contact information
  • Create additional user accounts to have employees process on the merchant’s behalf
  • Troubleshooting and training instructions also available


Qual Rate 1.69%
Mid Qual Rate 2.69%
Non Qual Rate 3.69% + $0.19
Chargeback $25.00
Retrieval $15.00
NSF $25.00
Monthly Minimum Volume Fee Less than $5,000/mo: $79
Over $5,000/mo: $0
Monthly Basic Service Fee $12.95
Early Termination Fee $0.00
FANF Fee $0.00
Annual PCI Fee $79.00 | $99.00 plus $19.95/mo. if not filing SAQ

Download the PayAnywhere Storefront POS System brochure or apply online now or call your sales rep/201.645.0132 to find out how you can get this system sent out to you within three business days.

Jennifer Glass
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Jennifer Glass

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Payments Professional at Credit Cards, NJ
Jennifer Glass is the CEO & CPP at Credit Cards, NJ, a growing independent sales organization in the merchant services industry. Ms. Glass has counseled over 1,000 organizations in ways to reduce the fees they incur to process their credit cards. Ms. Glass has been and still is responsible for engaging new merchants from across the US for all forms of electronic payments, including credit card processing. Ms. Glass is constantly being asked to consult on topics dealing with the payments' industry and has presented at numerous seminars, expos and other conferences on ways businesses can use the payments' market to their advantage. Prior to working in the merchant services industry, she has been a fundraiser for several non-profit organizations and causes and continues to work with many non-profits on ways to increase their donors and dollars raised.
Jennifer Glass
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